Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy

Spectrum aims to:

  • Create value through the discovery, development, production and marketing of strategic resources, in a socially responsible manner.
  • Generate wealth for its shareholders with the constant application of geologically and economically balanced exploration programs.
  • Remain flexible, adaptable, and ready for opportunity, whilst maintaining effort across its portfolio. Apply its capital efficiently by emphasising exploration for low cost, rapid development opportunities.

Spectrum continually asses for any new acquisitions which will maintain strategic land positions or augment the present asset profile.

Exposure to an extensive land package and multiple Greenfields opportunities offer Spectrum maximum possibility for growth and diversity, as it builds towards mining operations.

To achieve these goals, Spectrum employs an extremely motivated team of hardworking, smart people who are enthusiastic to apply fresh approaches in the quest for new and innovative ore sources.

Last Modified Date: Monday, 23 February 2015